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A solid case for a large pair of glasses.

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A solid case for a large pair of glasses.

Glasses cases are are great accessory for anyone who wears glasses, prescription or reading glasses. Designed in Australia with great colour and vibrance they are the solution to the hard to find case in the handbag.

More than that, many of the cases coordinate with reading glasses for a completely coordinated look.

Cases also make a great gift for anyone who wears glasses.

This case is hand made. The construction is a fabric laid and stitched over a shaped template made from metal, plastic or cardboard. The strength of handmade cases comes from the shape of the template pieces, which although hinged against each other, combine to form a very sturdy shape (eg. triangle or cyclinder).

Reference OTN3296
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Availability date: 2019-04-18
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Handmade Case
160 x 60 x 45mm