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Sturdy yet light weight classic alaminium mens frame

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Sturdy yet light weight classic alaminium mens frame

Signature Range in now green (and red, yellow, blue, orange...)
These glasses are made from a resin sourced from soft-wood plantation timber called Cellulose Propionate.

For each two trees harvested for use in glasses, three more are planted.

Each kilogram of resin consumes 850g of Carbon dioxide (taking it out of the atmosphere) in an environmentally friendly manner.

Cellulose Propionate, like Acetate [Cellulose Acetate] used in many frames sold by your Optometrist, is a thermo-plastic. This means it become more flexible when it is warmed up without losing it's shape. This makes exchanging lenses easy and this range can have individual prescription lenses fitted for you by your optometrist.

Metal wire frames and temples use a combination of copper and steel, plated to ensure a hypoallergenic surface is provided. The platings are very long lasting and will remain looking good a fresh for a long time with normal wear and tear.

Metal frames are very sturdy and hard to damage. Usually metal frames come with a nose pad to make them sit comfortably on the nose. These nose pads are adjustable by bending them gently back towards or away from the glass to make the nose bridge narrower or wider.
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52 [ ] 18-154 Height 28mm